Ha! Riding the Hipster PDA Bandwagon

Got this from Emerson, who got it here, and there seems to be a whole lot of other people getting into the Hipster PDA.

Count me in :mrgreen:

Oh wait. My mom has been doing her practical hack of the PDA all along (with recycled media), to note her grocery list and stuff. Hmmm.

UPDATE: I got ’em!

Ok, these (yes, I was masipag enough to make 2) are the ghettofied Hipster PDAs, that didn’t require me to trek to the bookstore. I couldn’t find my approximately dalawang-dangkal thick, old photocopied readings from college, so I’m assuming my mom used ’em up. Hence, I used the newsprint paper I print drafts on. Both use hard carton as support, and one has a thin folder cover. I could’ve gone smaller, but I’d prefer a larger display 🙂

Things to note with these:

  • To-do List. Or, using the Hispter PDA as a GTD Tool (What’s GTD? Click here for the summary.). This will include going to places to take photos of, contact numbers of those places, etc.
  • Camera exposure settings. Now this is one task I deem important when using my film-based cameras, that I never got to doing.

A zip lock bag wouldn’t hurt, too, since it is already the rainy season.

UPDATE: This is feaky, and dorky. I’m giddy over a glorified notepad.

First, I installed a calendar add-on/plugin, c/o a Burger King pocket calendar that always stayed in my wallet.

Second, I decided to spruce up the display with a printed on bond-paper pattern of the Dirkon camera.

Apparently, I’m not the only dork around here, since the creators even made a wiki for it.

TIP: Want an instant Hipster PDA? Ok. Remember those 1/4 sheet pad paper you used in elementary school? Yes, there’s your instant, clipless ‘Hipster‘ 😀 If you don’t remember that, you might’ve come from those elite, international schools, and could definitely afford a real PDA anyway.

Want a Hipster Mini? Easy. With the same type of pad paper, cut the thing in half, and you now have two Hipster Mini’s, one clipless, and another one that will require a clip :mrgreen:

Post-it pads will do, though it will definitely be not as cheap as 1/4 sheet pad paper.

UPDATE (4:43 AM): Someone make me stop!

My Hipster Mini, roughly 2 1/2 x 4 inches. Easily pocketable.

Hipster Security (2:20 PM): Secured my Hipster Mini now with a plastic cd sleeve cut in half 🙂

[Listening to: Sleep Away Your Troubles – The Softies – (3:29)]

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  1. Ha! I conceptualized, and implemented an actual plugin :mrgreen: Oh ok, it was just a variation of the calendar plugin documented in the Hipster PDA world. Though, mine does have a pinoy flavor to it 😀

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