Getting Organized

All I needed was a bundle of bound-and-cut newsprint paper to organize my daily tasks. I find that hard to believe, but here’s what I’ve been able to do as of today:

  • Re-checked if I can revive the old Dell PII PC that my dad got from an office subasta. Figured out it wasn’t a massive motherboard issue, its just that I cant use the CD-ROM drive connection anymore (yes, I’ve tried with a working CD-ROM drive, a new IDE cable, and flashing the CD-ROM’s drivers). Now I have to figure out how to install the OS some other way on the old 4 gig HD. No, I’m not planning on going Win98.
  • Register, and check job openings at JobMarketOnline. Check on existing job alert emails, apply when interested.
  • A working grocery list. The veggies will always depend on what looks good. I think I need a menu planner of some sort soon.

All the other need-to-do tasks are not practically doable right now, such as the practice photoshoot at the Pulilan Butterfly Haven (its just two towns away; I don’t know how to get there though), that will not push through because of the bad weather, and some-other-stuff that requires me to trek to Manila.

Uhm, I don’t know if this thing has an exercise schedule feature though. Could be a limitation, you know :mrgreen:

[Listening to: We were so poor… – Charles Simic – (0:27)]

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