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OT: I am in a depressive, Red House Painters state-of-mind, really.

[Listening to: Medicine Bottle – Red House Painters – Retrospective Disc 1 (9:50)]
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2 thoughts on “MAKE: Blog says…

  1. buuurp says:

    OMG. ang cute nun tree house. too bad wala kaming tree! 🙁 just a house. sorry im blabbling ang cute lang. cool blog.

  2. rain says:


    Toying on the idea, I guess it is a lot more applicable to our old place, where we had half a dozen coconut trees lining up the yard. Ngayon kasi, if we’d put something like that sa mga mango trees namin, and I come out, geez, baka mapagkamalan akong morphed kapri slash hobbit slash blob :mrgreen:

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