My Top 20 Desktop Applications

Eek. I was to list only 10 😕

  1. bbLean – Abandon WindowsBlinds (or any similar application), this alternative windows shell gives you that new lean look, without resource hogging. Needs some getting used to, though.
  2. xmplay – If sound quality is a big thing, get this. Another resource-friendly little app, but it performs greatly with the default config. Never got Winamp to sound this good.
  3. Mozilla Firefox – It’s resource-hungry, this darling browser brat, but I haven’t really found any other acceptable replacement. Sorry, Opera.
  4. Adobe Photoshop CS – It works, and it works well.
  5. LeechGet – Ok, Flashget kicks major butt because of its very flexible download capabilities, but paired with Firefox, Leechget is every dial-up users’ download manager dream. Sorry, Star Downloader, but you did well, and no, I didn’t dump you because of Leechget’s pretty UI, promise. Well, partially, I guess.
  6. DynAdvance Notifier – I needed a system tray resident mail notifier for my Gmail and Yahoo account. Simple. No, I didn’t need it to be a mail app of any sort, too.
  7. AVG Free Edition – I know, its not the best anti-virus out there, but I’ve been using it for years, and I’ve never had any major virus issues. Small download updates, too.
  8. ZoneAlarm Free – Popular, and useful firewall.
  9. FeedReader – I’ve checked on other RSS Readers, and some seem to have had slow growth. This one appears to be in constant development, and I haven’t found any reason to take out the default feeds. However, looks like it only works with IE. Love the alert features.
  10. w.bloggar – Great blog desktop client, with good editing features. Sorry, Zempt (which works for WordPress users, too).
  11. Microsoft Anti-Spyware – it was a Giant product first, before Microsoft had its way with it. Sorry, Ad-Aware.
  12. TextPad – Not as geeky as the other text editors, but I’m not a programmer, and I just need the HTML tagging features, and tabs, of course. Apt in editing PHP files, too.
  13. IrfanView – For quick cropping and resizing of images.
  14. Picasa2 – Good image management, use it to import photos from the digicam. Sorry, Adobe Photoshop Album.
  15. FilzipBlogNote: Remind me to uninstall WinZip for this again.
  16. Windows Media Player 10 – Gasp. Yes. I use it for cd ripping, since it notes the track number. Sorry, dbpoweramp.
  17. vlc – Best cross-platform DVD/VCD player.
  18. DVD Decrypter (site offline) – Controversial little DVD ripping program, but its idiot-proof and has never disappointed me yet.
  19. floAt’s Mobile Agent – Best syncing program with my Sony Ericsson T610 and T68i. Show off to friends that you can use your mobile phone as a remote control for your PC, too.
  20. Flickr Uploadr – Pick an image/s, right-click, click on Send to Flickr, wait until it connects, and click Upload. Dead-simple.

Notice that only numbers 4 and 6 are not free.

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4 thoughts on “My Top 20 Desktop Applications

  1. hoop says:

    Mozilla Firefox is resource hungry??? that’s blasphemy! 🙂 kidding…but you’re probably right, ever since they got into v1.0 it seems like the footprint of firefox was getting bigger and bigger…… I ran into some trouble with firefox recently wherein downloading was taking forever… when I hit the clean up button of the download manager it speeded things up and made me not switch back to IE 🙂

  2. rain says:

    Dude, take for example, right now: I’m browsing, online on IM, have my usual other programs in the background -Firewall, AV, Mail Notifier, Anti-spyware, etc. – and when I check on my task manager, Firefox is the highest user of system resource at 38k. The closest competitor? svchost with 13k. I only have two FF extensions installed.I may have only 256mb of DDRAM, but this is really not funny. I’d expect this from a program lik Photoshop CS of course, but I expect better from Firefox, di ba?

  3. hoop says:

    Yup, you hit the nail on the head there… I initially started out on mozilla myselft before switching to firefox for the smaller footprint. Looks like firefox is trodding down the same path as mozilla.

  4. rain says:

    Well, it was never signficantly less of a resource-hog than Mozilla Seamonkey/Suite, it was just trimmed of the mail and html editor features, hence, smaller download size.

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