Been Out

With my room half-cleaned (floor is now clean; books, photography magazines still need to be organized), the beef ribs already cooked in its broth, the lettuce and cabbage chopped, the saba bananas sliced in two, and our dog Tisay fed (I don’t usually do that, but I recently found out she gave birth to 8 puppies; I’m not a pet guy, but I’m not heartless, you know), I was planning to go out of the house to experience what it feels like outside. Yes, that place where to blog or check email, precious prepaid credits will be wasted over the slow WAP over GPRS connection on my mobile phone.

Anyway, since it was borderline sunny-cloudy, I called the Pulilan Buttefly Haven, and asked initially for directions. Instead, I got unsolicited advice that I should be there in sunny mornings, and not the early afternoon, with the threat of a downpour not so far-fetched. I was back to my original plan: make the trek to Manila, buy the stove-top grill I’ve been obsessing over, buy LR44 batteries for my Kiev 35a, and do whatever else I can do.

The itinerary was followed, and I ended capping up my lakad with a fastfood dinner at a barely inhabited McDonald’s. Approximately, a third of the customers were alone, and I was just about to add myself to that population. Ordered a cheeseburger meal, with big fries and a carbonated Royal Strawberry drink (they didn’t have Sarsi, and that’s one up for Jollibee), and I was granted a stub to win something, and I did: an NBA tumbler. Uhm, the only sport I adhere to is professional-wrestling (HAHAHA), and jock-type sports offend me. J advised me the other day I should get a Darna tumbler for buying a dozen donuts at Dunkin’; my schedule is pretty flexible (HA!), so I’ll consider that soon.

Just before the mall closed, I have situated myself in a colorum bus home, fully, and sadly aware that I was alone.


My sleeping hours are effed up now, but I’ve compromised by keeping a daywalker schedule by sleeping early, and waking up at around 4am, where I can still make use of 4 hours of off-peak, FREE dial-up Internet time. It worked yesterday, so might as well make it work from hereon.

[Listening to: Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy Vs. James – Pizzicato Five – Big Hits & Jetlags: 1991-1995 (4:03)]

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