Doing the Digital Fisheye

Lomography has used and abused the fisheye concept as if it was the most mindblowing thing for any toy camera enthusiast. Use it on your Holga, or use it with a camera where you can take nothing but fisheye images.

Google for photography forums regarding fisheye lenses, and you’ll most likely get the same sentiment: ‘Cool! But I got bored after 5 shots 😕

I did go fisheye for a total of half-a-dozen shots, and I quit for the same got-bored-of-it reason. Of course I did it the Photoshop way, following in reverse the instructions posted here. Here are the shots I experimented on, from my Ilocos archives, angled at ‘130 degrees‘:



Click on the images to be redirected to a page with larger versions of the photos.

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