On ESPN, and Spelling/Quiz Bees

The 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee is being replayed on ESPN as I type this entry. If this has been broadcasted before, I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch sports channels. The only sort of sports leagues I follow go by the names of RAW and SmackDown 😀

Now this brings back memories. My older brothers have competed in some grade school or high school quiz bee’s, and I have been considered in my time, but the closest I ever got to represent the school was to come in second in classroom-held eliminations for a province-wide spelling bee in sixth grade. I was beaten, I believe, because I didn’t prepare for the thing –I rarely ever seriously studied before college– and I heard my competitor has been prepping all summer for this. No big gripes really, and no one has emphasized this little fact at all. Overall, my academic achievements are a little paler to what my other siblings have done, but hey, the great equalizer was our UP Diliman education: none of us who went there ever graduated on time 😉

[Listening to: Disintegration – The Cure – Live in Toronto 2004 (8:07)]

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