Post Bursts of Sunday’s Consequences

  • Met with a client yesterday (waw, client talaga a). Did an all-nighter for the project. First draft looks fine by me, its better organized from the backend compared to this one I’m using. Darn it, I should make blog-making a full-time job.
  • Applied for some call center jobs online. Ach, I know, not again. It’s one jeepney ride from home, though.
  • I’ve figured out a feasible sleeping time for me: 6PM to 12PM. I’ll have my free, off-peak internet time, and just in case some corporate entity still finds me marketable, I’m awake to answer their call.
  • ECW! ECW! ECW! Looks like its just what WWE needed. Thanks RPN9.
  • Just got in the StudioTraffic program. Promising, and all you have to do is leave a browser tab auto-surf for an hour.
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4 thoughts on “Post Bursts of Sunday’s Consequences

  1. yuga says:

    mas maganda yan pag nag top-up ka. I started with the free $10, then added $50 to the funds. I now have $127. Puede na mag withdraw next month. 😉

  2. rain says:

    Can I not add any money to the funds? Or will I really suck by not doing that?

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  4. yuga says:

    OK lang but it will take years before you’d earn anything significant out of it… 😀

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