On blog-making, adobo-cooking, etc.

  • The commissioned blog -password-protected, can’t show it to anyone :?- is looking good on its second day. It’s like I actually know how CSS works 😆 But, mind you, I’m using the Blix theme as my base, which is supposedly the current Kubrick-killer. Oh, SCREW IE! An entire night’s work was spoiled because IE breaks my beautiful, customized template!
  • NEXT TASK: Research, install, test a good photo gallery to integrate with WordPress. The WP2 Gallery2 plugin looks great, but it doesn’t seem easy to setup. Any suggestions? I need a formal gallery, with comments.
  • I still cannot cook adobo 😡 Crap. Made adobong pusit, tasted too bland. Could’ve just coated it in batter and fried it.
  • Nope, I didn’t follow the planned 6PM-12PM sleep yesterday. Possessed a rather nasty headache in the morning, and woke up around 7PM.
[Listening to: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking – Snow Patrol – Final Straw (4:32)]

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