On rock star searches, and an uneventful Tuesday

Caught a replay of RockStar INXS. Some thoughts:

  • Dave Navarro is losing cred with every show he does.
  • This reality-show format is tired, and heavily uninspired. American Idol is about thrice more interesting, really.
  • INXS does not make it to any of my signigicant-bands-of-decades-ago lists. Do they on yours?
  • The contestants are too bland, and borderline talented. This is really nothing but a pop singer’s contest that’s plugged-in with some distortion.
  • Song choices are cringe-able. Next episode, expect ‘Heart-shaped Box‘ rendered by staple arena-rockstar posers, icky Lenny Kravitz-alikes. Pwe.
  • I’m supposed to fill this line with a better choice for a band to find a frontperson for, but I can’t think of one.

I’ll probably watch this mass-manufactured kitschy crap anyway, but definitely not when pro-wrestling is on.


It’s a slow da today, highlighted by the planning the week’s menu (Does anyone have a simple beef tripe-based goto recipe? Leave a comment!), and tonight’s cooking of oxtail kare-kare.

[Listening to: Taramasalata – Eggstone – (4:40)]

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