On site stats, free ASP.NET training, etc.

The Top 10 search strings (generated by the ShortStat WP plugin)

The #1 slot doesn’t look like it will get unhinged at all from its spot. But, why in dog’s name do I have that in the #2 slot? 😕


I’m off to the Adobe Creative Suite 2 seminar in Makati. Hope I can get a seat, won’t get bored, and win something, most preferably, the software suite of course 😀


Sign up for a FREE, self-paced, ASP.NET online training worth $349 here (via Yuga). Not a big fan of ASP, but it costs zit anyway, and I do have a lot of free time nowadays. I just hope a dial-up connection would suffice, and I won’t get traumatic flashbacks from SQL Server, etc. Microsoft trainings I had for my most recent work.

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7 thoughts on “On site stats, free ASP.NET training, etc.

  1. Marc says:

    dude, I’m more worried about your top keyword referrer hehe 🙂 but yeah, she’s pretty…

  2. rain says:

    dude, that’s ok. nagkaka-karakter ang blog ko sa ganyan, di ba? 😀

  3. Kates says:

    Mine is worse. I have referrers from 4 porn sites. They refer on a regular basis. When I try to see why I can even see any link from their site to mine. I wonder if there is a nude picture of me going around. Hehe. 🙂

  4. rain says:

    Spam karma does a good job for me 🙂 May paisa-isa nga lang naliligaw, pero bihira lang yun.

  5. Marc says:

    I get people looking for “caseycam” and “angel locsin scandal” all the time (not that I have the goods on Casey or Angel). One of the strangest search terms so far: “milky sex”. Don’t ask why hehe 🙂

  6. rain says:

    Search string “angel locsin” got demoted to #18. Woohoo. Someone else knows Casey! Hehehehe. Known her via bastos-officemate-p0rn-spammers 🙂

  7. Marc says:

    Known her via bastos-officemate-p0rn-spammers – Sure hehe 😉

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