On menu-planning, starting a business, etc.

I do the groceries each week with a PhP500++ budget, which I believe should be enough for me and my brother. However, the food stock seems to run out around Friday, so I resort to canned corned beef spaghetti, or any similar, semi-instant dish. I really don’t plan out the week’s menu, I just look at what’s available when picking up the ingredients already, and decide then and there. Most of the time it works, sometimes I have to compensate mid-week. I’d love to have fish in abundant stock, but I think I’m stuck with bangus and tilapia most of the time. I’d also prefer more greens on the veggie portion of the ref.

Any foodie-expert suggestions? Do note that the two food consumers in question weigh around 200 lbs each, and are below 5-and-a-half feet.

Yes, I know I should try going to the palengke next time, though the main thing that’s stopping me is that I’m not instantly make decisions on what I want. Hmm. But hey, I recently found out the South Supermarket near Balagtas has about a dozen bull’s eyes -perfect ingredient for my next goto :)- on the freezer, so aircon groceries shouldn’t be really crossed out of the list when looking for the more exotic stuff.


The parents have advised me to entertain the idea of starting a business, and what they suggested was to put up an internet cafe. I hesitated, having this ugly idea of being perpetually pestered by sweaty, stinkin’ kiddie gamers. I’ve re-thought it though, and I do have a rough sketch-in-mind of what I want to do, mainly inspired by ‘open source‘, ‘thin clients‘, ‘social cafe vibe, and sofas! (ewww! sellout!)‘, and ‘allocate a special portion of the place to sweaty, stinkin’ kiddie gamers‘.


There seems to be a dry spell on blog content lately, for me anyway. Also, addressing a need to increase funds, I’ve been updating my online resumes. Been reading some Ricky Lee-penned books, too.

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3 thoughts on “On menu-planning, starting a business, etc.”

  1. You should try going to palengke. It’s fun. All those haggling with the tindera will make you even more a foodie expert.
    I’m also thinking of putting up an internet cafe. It’s the only business that I can be without my wife telling me I’m spending more time with the monitor. Hey, I’m in a business here. Hmmm. Should I mortgage my car?

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