On starting a business, Part 2

I’m so giddy with excitement, there would be no need to make coffee this morning for a perk-up. Modified the internet cafe business plan, and was provided with a gaming-centric idea, which solves a couple of dilemmas:

  • There’s the danger of being caught using pirated OS and programs.
  • Our location is not part of Digitel’s DSL coverage area. PLDT? Gah, they can’t even provide our area with phone lines.
  • There’s seems to be a considerable number of netcafes, not exactly in the 100m radius, but the places are but a jeepride away.
  • A number of concerns with purchasing the primary investment: computer hardware.

The new business plan looks a lot more cost-efficient, and the equipment resale value is better than computer hardware. I guess the plan’s easy to guess, but I won’t divulge just yet. I still do plan to provide extra services, like basic dekstop publishing, printing, CD/DVD burning, etc, so I’d need to juice up my existing PC a bit more.

Will still have to discuss this with my brother, but yes, I do find it odd, that a family that never had owned a gaming console, not even a game&watch, would embark in this kind of thing.

[Listening to: Ever Since I Put Your Picture In A Frame- Tom Waits – Live At The Orpheum, Vancouver (5:49)]

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