Business-talk, Part 3

So, the Ubuntu cd’s [see previous post] stopped me from scouting for places to put up ‘the business’ yesterday afternoon. In case you’re interested, here’s me thniking-out-loud:

  • If I go for a school-centric pc rental/Internet access shop, can I actually depend on customers to embrace Linux-based apps, such as OpenOffice, and browse with Firefox (Linux)? I don’t have enough money to buy Windows or MS Office licenses 🙁 Also, if ever I port Windows apps to Linux, I think i need licenses for that, too, right?
  • Are MMORPGs really the most preferred sort of gaming today? Are PS2s a far rank below it? How about LAN parties? Laos na ba?
  • Has anyone implemented a thin-client netcafe setup? Will a thin-client based network run, say, Counterstrike on LAN effeciently? If the thin client runs on Windows, all the terminals would need separate licenses, too, right?
  • Does PLDT DSL suck that much? Been through some message forums, and it looks like a handful of shop owners are losing oodles of money from their shops because of bad service.
  • Where’d you get the best deal for PCs capable for today’s top PC games? Would a Sempron-based box do? And do I really need, say, a 128-bit graphics card?

Would appreciate any answers 🙂

I think its a fair estimate that approx 80% or definitely more of small netcafes use pirated OS’s and apps, but the capital I have with me isn’t disposable, its not even technically mine. Oh, if anyone’s from Bulacan, is there any place that you think would be a good place to set up a netcafe business? Mr. Bañez? 🙂 Marilao seems to have a bundle of schools near the SM City area.

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8 thoughts on “Business-talk, Part 3”

  1. 1. running linux in an internet cafe, make sure the person manning the cafe has knowlege sa linux.. we tried that, mahirap lng pag mga bago customer, madaming tanong, so brace for a lot of explaining how this and that works.. And yes, you will still licenses for ms office if you are porting it to linux. Suggestion: search ka ng second hand software e.g. ebay, etc. (we bought win98 and ms office softwares from a friend at a very low low price, solve! origianl software including the boxes and certificates.. )

    2. MMORPG’s are hit today.. (Ragna, Tantra. etc.) maganda may naka ready ka na install sa mga pc mo.. pde mo rin i-sideline pagbenta ng prepaid cards sa mga players. .(wink wink) PS2 are next (or any console games.. ) LAN parties, wala na ako naririnig na nagla-LAN party lately..

    3. thin client ok rin yan, just make sure your central server is powerful enough to handle mulitple request. it’s a single point of error yan.. down ang server mo.. sarado shop mo as long as down pa server.. Yes, you will still need licenses for the client to run the application

    4. PLDT sucks! laging down lately eh, hirap pang tawagan support nila pag may downtime sila.. .try bayantel DSL or eastern telecoms, di ko pa na experience mag down sila..

    5. Best deal for PC’s, it depends eh.. pansin ko lately halos pare-pareho na lang presyo nila… gamitin mo na lang power of TAWAD, 😀 they give discounts pag alam nila marami ka bibilhin..
    dun sa shop ng friend ko, they use sempron, mabilis naman sya, ok sa gaming. no, di mo kailangan mataas na video card, a 64mb card will do.

    as for the place, sorry.. i’m not from bulacan.. sa pampanga ako.. hehehe..

    have a nice day!

  2. @Yam:
    Thanks for the information about PLDT, Bayantel, Eastern Telecoms.

    I found OEM XP cd’s in Save on Surplus. Is it ok to use them? They are very cheap Php 500.00 lang. They are from a compaq evo machine.

  3. i tried using OEMs (win98) dati from an HP machine to a clone pc and no problem.. i’m not sure with the win XPs

  4. anywhere along macarthur highway is good location. there are micromalls that offer cheaper rent now since SM’s here and the thing’s like a neutron bomb for smaller store complexes 🙂 so as the dress up stores are shoved off, there’s cheaper rental space for PC shops.

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