This Post-Saturday Lull

I had the sudden urge to format my primary hard drive yesterday, since the PC has been rebooting and chkdsk-ing at odd times. Not a big fan of defrag-ing, but I went ahead and tried it, with expected results: my disk is too fragmented to even start a defrag. Was it because I’m doing dvd-to-vcd conversions again? Read, or someone told me before, that could be the main reason why I’m in this situation.

So, now I’m enjoying a slimmer, faster setup, which I’ll expect to eventually become its slower old-self in a few weeks.


Also went organizing the stacked-cds into the unused cd folders. Next stuff-to-organize: photos, and camera cases gathering mold.


Food thought-for-the-day: Pinoy-style spaghetti works very well with some thyme and cumin seed powder. Start sparingly with the cumin seed, since some people don’t like the ‘arabo taste’, as my Dad would call it.

[Listening to: Kiss of Life – Sade – The Best of Sade (4:12)]

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