On Emacs, and the want to Mac-ify or Linux-ify

Downloaded Emacs for Windows. I’m no programmer (the interest still exists, though), but I wanted to see what had all these uber geeks salivate over it. Are there any newbie guides to this? The existing ones do not particularly address itself to people-like-me, who will go ahead and click on ‘Games’ when he/she couldn’t figure out most of the stuff. I think the Diary feature is lovely, though.


Make posted an article on ‘Seven Steps to turn your PC into a Mac‘, which I thought was too carppy a post for its audience. A comment from the linking site mentioned FlyakiteOSX (29MB), which I’m currently downloading.

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UPDATE: Holy hotcakes! 😯 FlyakiteOSX is beautifuuuuul! 😀 Its worth the long download-wait! Didn’t go for a dock-style taskbar, because I know that’ll eat up my resources, which, by the way, this interface does not do! Such purty icons and fonts! 😆
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This reminds me of my history of trying to emulate other OS’s. First, it was the urge to make the Win98 GUI to look like WinXP. Then, probably at the same time, were attempts to Aquafy my desktop via themes, and also see what the hooplah is about with this thing called Linux, and since the pirated software bins all had Linux installations burned on several cds, I picked up the one-cd Phat Linux, which had ‘Now you can run Linux on the same partition as DOS/Windows!‘. It was slow, because it ain’t a Live CD: it was an image that sat on top of Windows.

Now, my Mac-envy isn’t as strong as before. I know the development for the OS and the hardware is inevitable and expected, but that just means there’s the constant need to upgrade (‘need’ is categorical; I know Mac fans cherish and still use their old boxes). The same can be said for the major Linux distros, but there is almost always an option to make it run on a machine running on, say, 32MB of RAM.

On a somewhat related note: Making Windows 2000 run (rather well) on only 32MB RAM

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