Me, techblog. Got cred? Uh. Windows news!

Hot on digg and /.:

Microsoft: no more product keys (digg)
Starting today pirates can’t update their Windows (digg)
Microsoft To Begin Checking For Piracy (/.)

Read through the comments. Probably more than half is BS, but there are also some funny and intellegent ones listed.

I’ve had serious considerations since Microsoft came out with Windows Genuine Advantage. I don’t play games, so I think opting to dump XP will be a major blow to me. That is, if only I could get ANY distro to get me online with my D-Link USB modem. A good, newbie-friendly partition manager (I’ve installed and used Mandrake 9 [and 10? and Mandriva 10.1?), and its partition manager’s ok, but I’m not sure if I’ll go full on with that distro) is essential, too. Or, if you’ve pretty good experience with a cheap, 500-peso deal dial-up modem (I’m thinking internal, since that’d be real cheap), drop a comment 🙂

Best to do this now, since i just reformatted a couple of days ago.


Mini-poll: Is this blog a decent tech blog? Opinions welcome! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Me, techblog. Got cred? Uh. Windows news!”

  1. You wouldn’t want to know the stuffs I created in Blogger. They are all BS. Tech, car, politics.. you name I have it. I think I’m in the process of feeling the right blog category to write. Guess what? Not found one yet.

  2. When I was at Livejournal, there was no mention of photography, and very few tech stuff. I was the film-nerd, and would always be the reference for film reviews and art-film schedules in my own small friends circle list.

    I have this genuine interest in technology, but I don’t have that much confidence in my ‘cred’. Oh well, based on comments and ‘everything else’, this is the part of my blog that I could base my readership on. And the now-random picture-taking entries.

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