On Video: Un long dimanche de fiancailles

Borrowed Un long dimanche de fiancailles/A Very Long Engagement on video. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet does not outdo Amelie, but maintains the charm and humor, through the radiant Audrey Tautou.

Audrey Tautou and Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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Set in WWI, Tautou’s polio-victim character Mathilde is in an incessant search for her lover, believed to be part of a group of abandoned soldiers who self-mutilated themselves to be taken off the war. Mathilde weeds through all the possible references she could, from soldier’s wives, the soldiers’ cook, a random restaurant patron. Spread evenly throughout the film, we see them meet as kids, frolic in the majestic lighthouse, make love for the first time.

I must say, the photography in this movie is overwhelmingly overcast with sepia tones.

But why does it feel like I just finished watching a ‘guilty pleasure film‘? Would I have the same sentiment as I did the second time I saw Cinema Paradiso (loved it when I first saw it, saw the formulaic cheesiness afterwards)? I’ll let the ‘nice feeling’ linger for now.

[Listening to: My Finest Hour – The Sundays – (4:01)]

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