For now, its RSSOwl

I’ve reformatted again (don’t ask), and I’ve decided to give FeedReader a rest for now, and look for desktop RSS reader alternatives.

I’m currently testing RSSOwl, and despite hogging resources (it uses Java), it’s a delight to use. My main beef about FeedReader is that, while using IE to browse to a feed item, the load time is too slow. Though RSSOwl also uses IE (but can use any External Browser if you wish), it behaves like Maxthon, in terms of browsing speed and employing a multi-tab interface. Nice. The default/sample feeds are aplenty and interesting, too. No alerts feature though, which FeedReader had.


What am I looking for in a desktop-resident RSS reader anyway? Basta lightweight, tsaka fast loading of pages. Tabbed browsing is a plus. Why not just use a Firefox extension RSS Reader? Basta. I want a different app; FF eats too muc RAM already.

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2 thoughts on “For now, its RSSOwl”

  1. you can try mozilla thunderbird.. 🙂 meron rss reader yun… or try konfabulator for windows.. (libre na yan) and download a rss widget.. or you can try AWASU.

    enjoy! 🙂

  2. Resource-hog kasi yung thunderbird, tsaka parang OA naman yung konfabulator kung pang rss reader lang. I’ve tried AWASU before, forgot na kung nagusuthan ko nga sya o hindi.

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