There was a desire this weekend to start with a dual-boot box again, so here’s the lowdown on my brief experiences with 4 Linux distros:

  • Ubuntu 5.04 – Too slim. Doesn’t see my NTFS drives.
  • Fedora Core 3 – Made a partition Suse Linux and Norton Partition Magic can’t erase. Slow.
  • Suse 9.1 – My second CD/media was in bad condition.
  • Mandrake Linux 10 – Easiest to install, great partition manager (erased the ‘stubborn’ partition Fedora set). I’ve used version 9, but that one doesn’t see my NTFS drives: this one did. I want a desktop OS, not a developer’s platform, so this one will work for now. Recognized my D-Link HSF USB modem, but I can’t make the drivers I found online to work 🙁 Also, there were tons of bad links on the Mandriva site (new name for Mandrake).


OT: I slept at 2AM this morning, and I had to keep the lights on; the familiarity of sleeping with an abundance of daylight got to me. Also, these days have also succumbed to periods of inactivity (nothing new with that), and large disininterest of things-I-like. Damn, I’m running out of things to do.

[Listening to: I Fall In Love Too Easily – Chet Baker – Chet Baker Quartet (2:05)]

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