Blogging for the WRONG audience

Why should I care if no one cares for my movies and music? Hmph.


Seriously now, my love for technology and photography has plateau’d right now, so I’m diversifying, and it looks like my current readership (haha, I said readership) can hardly relate to my more marginalized interests. Phooey, yeah, but this is really neat stuff, you know.

Ach 😕

[Listening to: Stop – Gene (Live) – (3:13)]

5 thoughts on “Blogging for the WRONG audience”

  1. I blog for fun. I’ll stop if blogging is not fun anymore. For now I’ll blog what I fell like blogging. Nothing else matters. Tan tan tan, tata tan…

  2. hey, i *care* about your music postings! it’s really important for me to constantly get new music, and since law school has cut me off from the planet, your music posts are a lifeline 🙂

  3. kates: I’d also like to blog for fun, pero I don’t want to get stuck to a ‘theme’, like ‘techblog’.

    emer: Uhm, thanks! 🙂 But you know me, and my eclectic tastes. Oh well, you might not be totally uso, but you will definitely be totally cool! 🙂 Wahahaha.

  4. Kasi Abe, ang storya nyan, nung nasa livejournal ako, nagba-blog ako tungkol sa movies, sa music, madaming comment from like-minded individuals. Ang dating, parang hinahanap ko ulit yung ganung audience.

    Re your question: I just blogged, and it looks like my ‘audience’ started looking into the current blog because I was posting techie stuff. So yun. Kumbaga sa slogan ng sapatos, Just Blog!

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