On DVD: Freeze – DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist

Quality bootleg of a live scratch and cut session from the pre-release tour for the pair`s `Product Placement`. Maximum skills and a stunning range of freaky, funky 45s torn up on the turntables, plus guest sessions from Nu Mark and Z-Trip [source]

Old-school turntablism, using 95% 45s. Great music, and sufficient lo-fi video-taking. The supporting DJs provides well-mixed sets, peppered with 10% hiphop gimiickry, just for fun. Two sets came from the main act: DJ Shadow was his usual subdued, y’all-know-I’m-effing-great-anyway aura. Cut Chemist, whose got the hometown advantage for the gig, was dj-showman-extraordinaire. Both scratched them vinyl quite skillfully, too.

Personally though, I’d much prefer DJ Shadow full-of-gadgets live, or just his studio work.

[Listening to: Mouths Cradle – Bjork – (3:58)]

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