Sunday’s what-not’s

Went to a possible pwesto for the business yesterday afternoon. The business being less and less of what I conceived it would be (a straightfroward, slightly frilled, netcafe), but we always have to compromise. I’m still wrestling with my doubts and options here, but nothing, I guess, that can be defeated by what I majored in in college. Plans to go there later has been abruptly modified, though; an ex-officemate sms’d me about being a respondent for survey on people who bought stuff online with credit cards. Had hesitations, but it will pay for the milk.

My milk.


Been scouting for a driving school: something to keep my mind out of the inside-the-house-and-lifeless routine.


I also have a favorite new game show: Celebrity Poker Showdown. Its a big plus that Channel 9 broadcasts the shows with the Arrested Development (locally shown in Star World) cast in it, though. Judy Greer, who plays Kitty the secretary in Arrested Development, is a new, minor, hot crush. Pity she lost in last night’s show.

[Listening to: Pink Moon – Nick Drake – (2:07)]

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