On DVD: The Pixies Austin City Limits 2004

I haven’t seen the above The Pixies DVD as an official release, so I guess its safe to say its a bootleg -instead of a pirated- copy. A good find for any indie-rock fan who has some respect for the old stuff, but as a DVD concert, it easily leaves you wanting.

Sixteen songs recorded live on October 18, 2004, no special features whatsover. Frank Black feels bored and uninspired, (pinoy) Joey Santiago has a shaved head, David Lovering badly dresses, and Kim Deal looks like she’s happy, too happy, to be there. This being my first opportunity to watch the band perform live, I was immensely impressed by how they can improve on the studio-recorded tracks live, with an almost sterile rendering of the songs. Spotless, almost. And if you do see spots, they were perfectly round circles, anyway.

But watching Kim Deal perform is a real treat. She exudes child-innocent happy-to-be-there/serial-killer smile stamped-on-face. Makes you wish The Breeders were the next band to play.

[Listening to: Best Looking Boys – The Promise Ring – (3:53)]

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