Restructuring/Leaving WordPress?

I’m rethinking my blog architecture. Instead of categories, why don’t I create blogs for each? Would probably go better with my advertising, since multiple blogs seems to be the way to go to get more revenue. More work is needed for that, I know, but think about the long-run benefits.

For starters, I installed Nucleus. Ha! Easy multi-blogging setup, reminiscent of the good ol’ days of Movable Type (when it was king of blog CMS’s). Sorry, WP/WPMU; you’re all good solo, but otherwise, I’d really have to go for something else.

All that’s left really is to decide what kind of restructuring I’ll go for… and think and re-think if this is a wise move on my end.


Want a preview? Here you go, in all its rough, unspellchecked, unscreened glory.

PS: Ouch. It took more or less 20 megs from my 75 meg hosting account. Looking at Drupal, and even, uhm, Blogger.

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5 thoughts on “Restructuring/Leaving WordPress?”

  1. Nucleus is quite nice. I would have gone the Nucleus path in my blog if it wasn’t for it’s hard to manage templating system. Everything must be done in the CMS’ admin panel. WP, on the other hand, is a bit hackish.

  2. Haven’t really gotten my hands dirty with the templates, but the available skins seem to be pretty ok.

    I mean, hey, consider that some WP developers themselves just stick to the no-frills, default Kubrick template, di ba?

  3. Textpattern is just like WP e: multiple installs for each blog. Right now, I’m investigating on the possibility of simply having separate themes for each category, under WordPress. Mukhang madugo nga lang, considering also that most of my posts can’t be isolated to one category lang.

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