The grand plan, Part 2

As of this morning -before retiring for the ‘day’- the grand plan involves sticking with WordPress, installing multiple instances -I fear instability with multi-blog shortcut methods, especially when it comes to upgrades- of WP, and using one theme for all the blogs, with some minor color edits, and different headers for each blog.

Work will be semi-monotonous, and repetitive, but at least I know more-than-half of what I’m doing.

CONS: Posting, but this would make a desktop blog-posting client, like wbloggar, my best friend; and obviosuly, upgrading WP.

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2 thoughts on “The grand plan, Part 2

  1. webs7ven says:

    Have you ever consider a CMS? I’m working on a site right now using drupal from and it seems like multiuser blogging is supported. Anyways, your site looks so crisp.

  2. rain says:

    Oh thanks for the compliment. I think a CMS is overdoing it for my purposes, and I have a local-setup copy of Drupal, but it doesn’t look like the kind of thing I need.

    I’ve aborted leaving WordPress, since researching all the other alternatives made me realize WP is still the best in blogging out there.

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