The grand plan

I’m getting tired of this moving, changing CMS’s. Nucleus is great and all, love the skins, but there is still a lot to learn about it.

Gah. I’m even considering just using Blogger‘s engine to generate the focus blogs. There is minimal need for categories, anyway.

I’m now re-considering b2evolution, too (considered it before, but the entire script is 2+ megs). Based on b2, where WordPress came from, I’m under the assumption the learning curve here wouldn’t be so steep. The local installation I have of it provides me with a ‘Blog All‘ blog, which aggregates the contents of the other blogs, which goes right smack to my idea of having a portal blog. Now, I got to find me worthy skins that I don’t have to edit heavily.

[Listening to: Vamos – The Pixies – Surfer Rosa (4:18)]

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