To-do list

  • Finish uploading WP on the focus blogs.
  • Finalize a theme (only one theme, with slightly different color schemes, and a customized banner for each focus blog) on the local WP setup.
  • Create a db backup of the current main blog, export to a local WP installation, and save online time by slightly editing ALL THE POSTS to recognize the planned re-organization on the hosting account; it badly needs a cleanup there. Tasks mainly include fixing links, and images.
  • Consider carrying a small notepad all the time to jot down blog post ideas. Remember, I’ll have to blog regularly on 4-5 blogs now.
  • Simplify.The leaner, the better. Get only the essential plugins.

I’ll be the chubby guy later at the Digital Photgraphy event at Megamall who wouldn’t know what to answer in case anyone asks about what I do for a living.

[Listening to: Shame On You – Darling Buds, The – (2:03)]

3 thoughts on “To-do list”

  1. You know it’s really interesting carrying a sketchpad or something like a moleskine to jot notes and write your thoughts on the fly. A great help in generating ideas.

  2. Kates: Just put a line in the occupation fields in the form 🙂

    Jolo: Moleskine? Nah. I don’t think I’ll spend that much for what I want to do. The 1/4 paper format from grade school could even be more apt 🙂

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