The Grand Plan: Finale

All the time, the research, local blog/cms installs, and the outcome? More than disappointing results really, but I got my reasons.

Here’s the plan:

  • Retain the current main blog setup, just create a new skin, and links to focus blogs.
  • Create a WordPress-powered blog for the technology-focused blog.

For the bigger issue: what about the other blogs?

Host them on Blogspot, generate posts with the Blogger engine. Eeek! Why?

  • These, I expect, would be low-traffic blogs. There might be a slight spike for the photography blog, but I don’t expect significant differences in traffic.
  • The 300MB photo-hosting. I’m slightly panicking re my 75MB size limit from my host, and I don’t have any plans to upgrade my hosting plan.
  • Outsourcing bloghosting out from my hosting account will help alleviate bandwidth issues; I don’t have that problem, but at least this would be a preventive measure 🙂
  • Flexibility. I expect the more important Blog CMS’s out there to have an import feature from a popular blog engine like Blogger. I know Movable Type and WordPress can do this.

UPDATE: Sweet. I didn’t have to do some fancy coding to make the Google AdSense ad appear on only the first three posts: the system recognizes my placing the ad code below the post template, and will only include the ad on the first three posts, automagically.

If anyone has any more bright ideas, go on, comment.

[Listening to: Can’t Stop Now – Keane – Hopes and Fears (3:40)]

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