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I’ve been adamant on using the Relaxation 3 column theme to replace Rin, but I remembered how badly it does a post-and-image layout. Bah.

Then I go back to the guy who created Rin, and here he goes assaulting me with a jaw-dropping, tear-inducing new layout for his site. Makes me want to stay with the current theme, and just make layout changes. It’s a great feeling to be working on something created by a design guru.

As a sidenote, I just downloaded and will soon be toying around with the just released BinaryBonsai’s K2 Beta One Theme on my local install.

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2 thoughts on “WP Theme choices”

  1. hey just bloghopping.

    i’ve been using orth’s relaxation theme and took me awhile to figure out the post and image quirk. when you post an image with a width that’s more than 350px, it’ll bring the middle column to the bottom. and also the default image setting is centered but you can easily adjust that in the css file.

    but that brokenkode layout is awesome.

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