Let’s Google Talk already!

Making its way through the tech community sites would be confirmation of Google’s new product: an instant messenger, which is reportedly known -for now- as Google Talk. Old news if you’ve been tracking the company that-makes-Microsoft’s-wobbly-knees-shake, but now there’s more evidence for any Google fan to anticipate this.

LA Times recently covered this news, and Googlerumors said we shoud wait for Wednesday, and see.

Thing is, will people jump ship from their current IM’s? Unless the new instant messenger provides us a reason to, this could be just one of those apps you’d install and fire up once, and leave alone afterwards.


The discussion reminds me of Google Groups (still in Beta), and how it looks like a hard-sell: people will not just easily switch to it from their Yahoogroups.

[Listening to: A Devil Among the Tailors – At The Drive-In (3:15)]

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