Load non-native subtitles to your DVD movie

The release of Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence on DVD (my brief review here) infuriated some fans. There wasn’t any English dubbing made of the film, and the only availble releases with English subtitles were near-unacceptable. The Japanese release’s subtitles was immensely incomprehensible -its the copy that I have- while the only other release with English subtitles was for the hearing-impaired, where you’d see lines like loud explosion, crowd whispers.


  1. Download Media Player Classic.
  2. Download the subtitles from subtitles.ro. The subtitles are usually in archived format, so extract the .srt file to your hard disk. Inspect the file if its comprehensible; you can use Notepad to open the file and read it.
  3. Launch Media Player Classic, go to File -> Open DVD, and wait until your movie is loaded. Once loaded, go to File -> Load Subtitle, and enjoy the movie 😉

I’m assuming this is already a normal strategy for anime fans, though.

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