Been to a birthday party of some ex-officemates last Saturday, where I was, again, permitted not to drink. Thankfully. I wasn’t prepared to be official party photographer (I only had a 50/50 hunch, since the birthday celebrants know me as camera locofreakgeek), but I was. The yellow lamplights in the rented room gave a nice yellow ambience, but it would’ve been better if I had a tripod to lessen blur.

I don’t think I’ll publishing any of the photos online, though.


I’m growing tired of this internet-dependent routine, but find little reason to get out of this current shell, since most of the time, it’ll cost me. Major upcoming event this week to-look-forward-to? The pinoytechblog meetup on Saturday. There’s also a possible trek to Hidalgo, Quiapo, but that’s not really set yet.

[Listening to: He’s Kissing Christian – That Dog – Totally Crushed Out (3:28)]

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