Doing content relocation offsite

I’ve been bitching about social network sites (e.g. Friendster) for a long time, but I guess since I’m semi-active with Flickr, I should take that back. Well, no, I won’t. Flickr does give you a place to put in Testimonials to your contacts, but its one of the most techie-friendly photo-sharing sites out there.

So why am I also at Multiply?

Easy. Unlimited storage. I used to host some pictures over at Fotki, but then, I needed to have 2-3 accounts to give me better organization, which is a bad move really. I also made a separate Flickr account for kiddie photos, and was eventualy happy to know that Multiply can import pictures from there.

So, from hereon, despite the ad-ridden design, the hardly customizable -but near-accaptable- interface, and despite my hesitant admission to a 1000++ network of contacts, via only 4 ex-officemates who friend-ed me, I guess I’ll be keeping my Multiply account to dump content.

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3 thoughts on “Doing content relocation offsite

  1. karla says:

    i also have a multiply account! 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    me three! i signed up because of its photo albums. (but till now i havent uploaded any. *tamad)

  3. rain says:

    Sana Flickr will do a premium account promo 🙁 I’d much rather upload photos dun talaga e 🙁

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