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Been invited to join a group sports blog by the local blog scene’s top blogger (no need to post link; if you’re with-the-scene, you should know who this is). Wow. Sayang. I only watch WWE pro-wresting, and I do think there are more capable fans out there to write about it.

Yuga also reminded me about it, and I added that if they were doing a group blog on music, or movies, I’m in. I’m not really seeing any big readership in those topics compared to sports, and add to that that my preferences are off-track from most. Oh, the travesty of being me!

One delayed recollection struck me: I was planning to do a piss-off-everyone blog, non-solo, a few months back. My partner-to-be easily pisses people off, just by being himself. I, on the other hand, spew gentle posion over my ego, why not on others? I know, its a juvenile gesture, but people online take themselves so seriously, its becoming too bland. Post for post’s sake. Pfft.


Ok, ok, anyone out there want to group blog? I’m bored. pinoy.tech.blog is fine, but I’m more than that, you know (slaps chest a la Christian aka Captain Charisma of WWE).

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19 thoughts on “On Group Blogging

  1. count me in bro… how about a pinoy photography/graphics blog… tip tricks, holga, lomo, film, cross processing, samples… dude, ikaw magaling ka sa photography, we can review popular point and shoot cameras, find great deals… it will be awesome…

  2. karla says:

    yeah, a photography blog would rock

  3. rain says:

    Ok, will consider (bakit may hint ng hesitation? ay ewan!). Thing is, pano yung domain, hosting, CMS? O sub-domain ko na lang? Or…?

  4. ill buy the domain/hosting if you count me in… i know a domain hosting that’s only for $1 a month… and we can just upgrade the bandwidth as we go…

  5. Tina says:

    Hey there. Just bloghopping…

    Count me in too if you decide to have a photo/movie blog. 🙂

  6. rain says:

    joachim guanzon: Sige man. Some people from the Philippines Flickr group (member ka ba dun?) have also mentioned a group photoblog would be a nice move. At least may tao na rin, pero I’d suggest let’s start small. Why? Lalagyan natin ng ads para kumita, ‘no, so pag madami, madami din kahati! 🙂

    Tina: We’ll have things planned out first, ok? 🙂

  7. karla says:

    flickr.ph member here! 🙂

  8. rain says:

    hey karla, whaddyamean by flickr.ph? as in flickr group? wala naman kasi domain e….

  9. karla says:

    yeah the flickr group hehe
    sinabi ko lang ung exact name :p

  10. wow, ok ito… think about the details and cc me let’s plan the details via email or chat…. if you guys can go ahead and come up with a catchy domain name na available, bibilhin ko na sa godaddy as well as the hosting from my friends service.

    tama, start small, think big…

    googletalk: jowchie at gmail dot com

  11. rain says:

    I added you on google talk. We do have some important stuff to discuss, since… I’ll just tell you when you’re online. Oh, I go online 12PM-8AM.

  12. Marc says:

    Pwedeng maki-join sa photography blog? I can sponsor the hosting requirements 🙂

  13. hey guys, the site is 50% ready, I used a mod of k2… a 3column one so we can accommodate for more ads. we will be needing a temporary header image… tomorrow my boss is setting me up with adobe cs2… gagawa ako ng header image… i have a few ideas using eyecandy: nature.

  14. rain says:

    Marc, yung ginagawa namin group blog is for Pilipinas Flickr users exclusive muna e. Pero may gagawin naman ding photo group blog ang nasabing blog empire na na ni-refer sa last meetup natin e 🙂 Pinaplano na daw yun.

  15. estan says:

    Pre, may movie group blog na ba?

  16. rain says:

    estan: Wala pa, pero may nagpaplano. If you want for us to make one as an offshoot of the Pinoy Movie group in Flickr, we have two options:

    -find a really nice guy who can give the group blog hosting and a domain name
    -or just host it on blogspot, which, IMHO, is sufficient


  17. Marc says:

    Ah ok 🙂 like the theme bro!

  18. Kim says:

    you’ll like the implementation of this template on our group blog… teka kelan ba natin iaannounce yun officially?

  19. […] It all started with Kim being a bit excited with the group blogging post I did a few days ago. After agreements and arrangements were done over Google Talk, Kim’s funds spent to give the project a domain name and hosting, and convincing Flickr Pilipinas group -all the site authors came from that collective- members to join in, this is where we are at now. So far, so good, I’m real thankful that everyone did get the concept easily. […]

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