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It was an all-male PTB (that’s short for Pinoytechblog for y’all) meetup, and no photo-documentation, since I guess the ones with cameras were waiting for some sort of group-completion. ‘Twas great meeting everyone. Thanks for all the schemy tactics on how to get more money from blogs, too 🙂 I preferred to go silent mode, which is almost always the switch I prefer utilizing during first (and second, and third…) group meetups.

And then, a few hours ago, I saw PTB featured on a local UHF TV show.

It was on Digital Tour, which I semi-religiously watch because of cute-and-bubbly, Shirley Manson-ish Iya Yotoko. The blurb before the feature had me scowling: pinoytechbloggers daw ang ifi-feature. E isa ako dun a! So it was a site review on PTB. They browsed the site via category, though I don’t remember them using the term ‘category’. ‘Sections’ yata ang ginamit. They had this odd comment na sayang daw at di pwedeng gumawa ng sariling topics. Uhm, its a blog, not a forum. Maybe we do need a brief a statement about the blog itself, and not just us as individual bloggers.

In sum, the exposure was ok. I saw my Digital Fisheye photo-experiments -a post no one commented on- on the effing TV.

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  1. Kung alam ko lang na medyo gagabihin pa kayo pumunta ako… Waaaaaaaaah!
    Software Freedom Day kitakits uli? Migs is going ata. Me, I will definitely be there! *laughs* Paninindigan ko ang pagiging F/OSS advocate eh 😀

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