What do we have here…

Design-wise, I think the current site is fine. If anyone’s known my preference for themes, I’ve always kept the blue-and-white scheme, since I’ve embraced WordPress circa ver 1.2, and kept the theme editing minimal.

The top menu breaks on Opera though.

As for the sub-blogs, I’m re-thinking the whole idea. Yes, right after I went through numerous CMS installations, and the current three running WordPress setups. I couldn’t keep up with the content for all of them. With the current layout though, the non-index ads are looking diverse naman e, and I can make use of the wide format, which is infinitely more effective than the narrow ones.


And what do we have somewhere else? A photography group blog for the casual pinoy shooter, made up -for now- Pilipinas Flickr members. We already have a domain and a host. Hopefully, the site will be ready by next week.

[Listening to: You Don’t Know Jesus – Mogwai – (8:02)]

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