Everything is up and running now!

Gah. It’s the Referrer Bouncer plugin for WordPress that borked my site, or an incompatibility to one of my existing plugins. Funny though, its been installed for a few months now.

So now, go crazy, and clicky-click on my blog’s linky-links.

Been busy with preparing the pinoy photography-for-hobbyists, Flickr-initiated group blog. Kim and I are looking at a Monday soft-launch. Hopefully things go well on that project, so I can go on with doing other, uhm, projects.

Hope to see people at Software Freedom Day later.

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8 thoughts on “Everything is up and running now!

  1. I wrote the Referrer Bouncer plugin. It is pretty much impossible for it to bork any site. It will only bounce back users/robots with referrer’s matching your referer.txt file. What was the exact problem you were facing?

  2. rain says:

    I had the same experience the guys in this thread were having.

  3. I can take a look. Let me know when you have activated the plugin.

  4. Kim says:

    Galing, back to normal na life natin nyan kapag online ang blog natin… heheh, hirap din pag may mga plugins na baka nagka-clash sa mga ibang plugins… anyways… ganda ng theme mo!

  5. onat says:

    Wow nmn, ang cool ng layout! 😀

  6. kim says:

    looks good on the PSP browser

  7. Paul Santos says:

    Nice layout. I’d like to visit your new site as soon as it’s ready.

    Thanks for visiting my site too.

  8. rain says:

    Angsuman Chakraborty: Sorry, but I don’t have plans of installing the plugin anymore.

    onat: One thing I find odd though, a lot of casual surfers find the implemented theme too plain, and that it has a needs-work-sort-of quality, while most experienced bloggers -who also run WP- love even just the default theme layout.

    kim: It does? Good. I betcha your site looks good there, too 😀

    Paul Santos: This IS the new site. Hehehe. I’d probably make just a few more tweaks. Left a comment on the Picture City blog. Oi, pwede discount naman dyan? Tsaka, ibalik nyo yung Solid Gold na film! Alam ko walang bumibili nun, pwera ako! 😀

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