Microwave French Toast + Meeting Group Blog Quotas

I’ve had a semi-hatred for pork giniling the past few months. I find the odor repulsive now, unless I use the stuff as tortang talong filling. Odd. So, instead of indulging in the simple ginisang sayote with pork giniling dinner I cooked yesterday, I decided to leave it all for my kuya to eat. Had a heavy bacon-and-eggs breakfast for my first meal that day, so I wanted something light-and-healthy. We still had a few slices of bread, so i thought of cooking French Toast again, but I didn’t want any of the oiliness in frying the stuff. Hence came the idea to microwave the bread in its traditional milk-and-eggs batter, and see if it comes out ok-enough to eat.


It was. A little bland, but nothing that pancake syrup, or cinnamon sprinkles, or honey can liven up. Since I had none of those, I went for the ghetto solution: brown sugar. I made it look like a bar of cake by slicing the bread in two, and put one slice on top of the other. Its best to have a microwavable container that will act as a mold of some sort to the toast, so it will keep the shape you want.


Updated my post on Microsoft Max at PTB. Conclusion: as much as possible, stay away from it. However, WinFX, which is required before you get Max, seems to have installed two official Vista themes, which I’m currently using right now. Looks like this is the slight benefit to my all-nighter yesterday.

Finished my quota for litratista.org, too, with Photoshop-ing without Photoshop, which is a basic rundown of the FREE graphics apps available for Windows.

[Listening to: Mutual Slump – DJ Shadow – (4:04)]

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