Happy Birthday Andre/Finding Usefulness in a Kiddie Party


MommyDaddyAte: Heto apo/pamangkin nyo. May clown at mascot pa dun sa party. Maharot na ang inaanak kong si Enzo, mahilig sumali sa laro. Click here para makita nyo ba ibang pictures nung party. Kinuhanan ko din ang kuya nya at pinsan.


Ok, so my kiddie photos are a bit Photoshop over-processed. I’m just too lazy to re-edit them. Half of the venue had fair sunlight coming in from the mall windows, half of the venue didn’t even have sufficient lighting for a meal. Thankfully, I’m not getting the usual feeling I get when I proceed with my non-obtrusive, dont-pose-for-me-please-just-act-normally! ways of taking photos.

[Listening to: The Friend I Once Had – Club 8 – (2:44)]

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