PinoyTechBlog Meetup 2, and the Post Slowdown

The Saturday turnout of people who blog for PTB was a lot less than expected. I blame the weather and our ideal blog revenue that is still unrealized.

Nevertheless, it was a Saturday where I had a needed human-group interaction. Probably said more than necessary re my photography babble, but at least I got some reader feedback to improve on Ok, Kim dude, time to step-up with our site already.

The obligatory and crappy snapshots:

Marc, Resident PTB SEOAbe and ClairMigs and AbeMigs, Abe and Clair


Post slowdown -as well as a difficulty in sleeping- c/o career concerns. Details later, and when definite.


OT: Pork Humba food photo, cooked for dinner last week:

pork humba

[Listening to: Undress Me Now – Morcheeba – Charango (3:24)]

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