The Quick Trip to Camarines Norte

So I, again, found myself in the same situation as that trip to Ilocos. Kuya needed to inspect a chemical plant in Camarines Norte, and decided to let me in on the long trip.

After meeting up in the Grace Park terminal of Baliwag Transit, we had a speedy drive to our first destination, Tayabas, Quezon. My mom is from this town, and I’ve spent a considerable time here as a pansit-munching tot, to that cant-take-my-eyes-off-girls teenager. Did the rounds, visited the relatives, had a cheap, but not-at-all unsatisfying pansit chami (sweetish noodles with sayote and pork). Spent the night at my mom’s sister’s house, where half of my legs were unsupported by the bed me and kuya shared. Hence, 3 hours of sleep to sustain me for the longer trip to Camarines Norte.

Breafkast, at a little after 5, was splendid. There’s something about fork-tender beef my mouth adores; and it was adobo‘d, a dish-technique I’m still a failure with. Off to Bicolandia. Half of the time we scoured for radio stations to listen to, a fourth was devoted to figuring out directions, and the rest to deciding whether we would stop to take pictures of various sceneries or not. An hour or two before noon, we were at the tip of Jose Panganiban in Camarines Norte, where the chemical plant was located. While kuya worked, I decided to stay in the car to catch up with much-needed sleep; didn’t happen.

We left around 2 in the afternoon, and redirected our path to Daet, Camarines Norte’s capital, since it appears one of the company car’s wheels may be rendered flat very soon. After commissioning repairs, we bought pili nut stuff, and pineapples. My eye-memory was full of huge trucks we had to overtake, grade schoolers walking everywhere, and the zigzag road insanity, that I considered myself tired and dormant until we get back to Tayabas. I just had to look for my elusive red bread (katagalugan? kintagalugan? Not sure. Help me!), and practice again with pansit cooking by buying lucban miki noodles. Last significant foodstuff in the trunk -and the reason we came back to Tayabas- was two plastic bags full of lanzones, short of one or two days before its gorgeous ripeness. No matter, it wasn’t too mapakla, or sour to eat then and there.

Took some photos with the digicam, to be seen here. A sample below:



Oh, back to provinicial radio stations: the impression is, a vast majority of the radio listeners use this media to hunt for textmates. Is it the sheer vastness of the land area, or is it a social fact I’m not aware of yet?


Several hours after, a cousin living temporarily in the house in Bulacan gave me a piece of news that’s the very reason why I’m still up now. This important -and exciting- piece of info will be divulged once its confirmed.

Ok, someone called.

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