Well, at least the ads on my index page aren’t only about blogs anymore. I heard the revenue from travel-related ads ain’t that bad at all.


My latest article on One Cheap, Classic Way to Get Serious with Photography. I know, its a rehash of an old entry; I’ve gone a bit lazy, I suppose.


Started preparing for the Shanghai job by buying luggage and some other random personal items today. I surely wish things would pick from my employer’s side; not that my patience is running short, but I have to be occupied with something productive already, as I am in utter desperation to rid myself of this isolation.

Kurosawa, the Coen brothers, Wim Wenders, and New Order killed a few hours from this weekend. Reviews soon.

[Listening to: Night and Day – Segio Mendes and Brasil ’66 – Very Best Of (3:10)]

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