Shameless Plea!

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If anyone reading this has a Paypal account or a US-address credit card, please consider my PLEA to acquire a Flickr PRO account, which is the most cost-efficient way for me to store my photos while I gather funds from my work in China. I can easily pay you via savings account transfer, or any other method we could agree on.

And if you’re concerned about providing me with your personal info for the transaction, don’t fret. you can buy me a gift account (you need to login/signup for a Flickr account to view details) 🙂


In other news, I’ve got my papers ready for my Shanghai-bound self. Still have to figure out how to limit the baggage weight. I don’t feel the excitement that I suppose would be normal for anyone in my situation -never been abroad, never been on a plane- but this is better than my reeling myself into scenes of disappointment, in foreign lands at that. Am I ready? This gig is only for a year -I’ve been underlining that since I was given the job offer- so that question isn’t a very serious one for me to even deep-think about.

Let’s see.

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  1. I’ll be traveling to shanghai,china on january 17 2006 for a couple of weeks. i’d be interested in hanging out with some expats. i’m a social worker living in florida, usa. let me know if we can meet up.

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