Shanghai Divisoria and more

Saturday was spent at Qi Pu Road, Shanghai’s Divisoria, since I badly needed to replenish my meager number of shirts. Clothes were cheap enough, and haggling was not that hard for people used to it. Went home with four shirts, averaging 30 RMB each.

Late lunch was at Saizeriya, a resto specializing in Italian food. Pasta, salads, and pizza averaged to about 20 RMB. I still find it odd though that my officemates find ways to look for non-Chinese food establishments, instead of relishing the local cuisine.

Had my first subway experience, starting from what I think was People’s Square. The Saturday afternoon crowd came in droves, but I guess its the cool weather that made the atmosphere less than desirable.

Sunday was grocery day again. Foodcourt meals afterwards, where the language barrier was again underlined. The turo-turo method just wouldn’t suffice for all situations.

Lastly, I’m more than satisfied that I’m now at a terminal with a new pc (alas, cd-rom-less) with Photoshop (CS; sadly, not CS2) installed. Training appears to be a few hours late, but you don’t see me complaining.


I’ll be back to writing for PTB (sorry, Abe) and Litratista (sorry, Kim) once I’ve gotten used to expat life, and established an efficient online routine. Hopefully, in a week or two.

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  1. Ate! Medyo mahirap kasi kung bigay ko sa yo number ko, kasi, lets say tatawag ka, mababawasan din load ko. Maya maya siguro, text ko cell at landline ko. Sige, ingat na lang dyan! Mishu na rin.

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