Eating Cheap in Dongbo/Some Photo Talk

The apartment I live in is located at Dongbo Road –dong pu lu is how I hear it said in Chinese- which is probably the farthest living abode among the pinoy agents of the company I work for. Despite the unglamorous neighborhood, there’s a nearby palengke, a handful convenience stores, and parlors/pink-houses. The essentials, I guess.

After work yesterday, prompted by my buying salty, just-fried, non-circular-but-baguette-sized donuts from the bangketa, the apartment-mates followed up on my craving by buying whatever we can find that looked clean, and somewhat appetizing. The final choices varied from meat to veggie siopao’s, dumplings, and other cheap delights I don’t have a name for. Pictures? I was too busy eating, you know.


The latest most notable photo, taken from the bus on my way home:

bus driver


There was a Half the Sky TV feature about a Chinese lady photographer who had a small camera collection to show; easily, a potent perk-up for me right after the day’s sleep. I should never forget that I am where Pearl River and Seagull cameras are made.

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