Eating Cheap in Dongbo 2/Some Movie Talk

The weekend felt short, and concluded with a sad note that the two girls in the apartment will be leaving, to make room for the all-male abode. There wasn’t any semblance of the standard three-square-meals at all, I think I still have a bellyful of junk (mixed with Suntory-with-Pepsi on Saturday). The waking hours was mainly spent on finishing -unsuccessfully- the first two seasons of Nip/Tuck, which I’d always see neatly in the bangketa DVDhan’s; it was the only sensible thing a housemate brought with her to kill time with, though, yes, I’d rather have Six Feet Under or Arrested Development. Oh, there was also a nobody-cares-but-me screening of Memento (which I’ve seen, but has gone bland on this second view) and My Summer of Love (young lesbo love story; nice photography, but doesn’t have enough meat on it for the casual viewer).


How my Saturday morning sustenance was made:

Street Food at Dongbo Road

More Shanghai food photos here.

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2 thoughts on “Eating Cheap in Dongbo 2/Some Movie Talk

  1. J says:

    is there any sun there? parang anglamig. mukhang masarap yung chocolate milk sa crate!

  2. rain says:

    There is sun, lots of fog in the evening and morning, and soy milk is the standard!

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