Why I’ll be leaving Shanghai on Thursday/Work Talk

Yes, I’ll be back sa Pinas on Thursday. Why? It’s a work issue I’d rather not talk about. I’ll probably be home for 2 weeks, and I’d have to remind myself to bring back -if and when I do get back- vitamins, and rubbing alcohol to Shanghai; multivitamins are expensive here, and rubbing alcohol is non-existent. I frown upon hand sanitizer use/users.


The account supervisor now seems to also consult me with web code work -ha…. hahaha!- which I failed to finish the first time he asked me to create a javascript menu on Dreamweaver -a program I never found a use of; text editors suffice- though I redeemed myself by successfuly troubleshooting existing code for mistakes, which is something I’ve been doing for years. Does this mean I do web dev work now? Only partly, and since I’m not ‘live’ yet, I’m not sure what fraction of the work involved requires me to make and edit web code. Another gripe: we have a Windows-run webserver. Eeek.

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