The plan for today yesterday was to occupy my hours with semi-productive activities, such as preparing again for the trip back to Shanghai, or simply treating myself to a massage. None materialized, and I had that gung-ho feeling, at 6 in the evening, that I had to go somewhere, and do something. I already had the schedule for Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Olivares saved on a Firefox tab. It is funny when you think I used to be part of those artsy-fartsy cinephiles lined up at film festivals, and now, I’m reduced to someone who just had to wait for a commercial release to watch acclaimed local films. Its not a shameful fact, but more of an unforeseen change.

After indulging my tummy with a quick tuna belly dinner (fish is expensive in Shanghai, at matinik pa kung meron), I headed to the screening, a little paranoid that I could be catching stares for watching a supposedly gay film, which previously didn’t stop me from watching most of Jeffrey Jeturian’s work, anyway. Pagdadalaga is brilliant. Easily, I could be watching every Michiko Yamamoto-penned film from now on (she also wrote Magnifico, and I loved Magnifico). Haven’t heard of Aureaus Solito before, but that light, unimposing tone done with the film, is more than apt. Ping Media (his blog), son of Pen, possessed the same strong presence and character-command his father would often do to celluloid, ooops, yeah ok, this is digital; and yes, he does look like he has the potential to do more. And, I couldn’t imagine how the straight, and non-gay Nathan Lopez, who plays Maximo/Maxi, could bear his exposure -and eventualy, the teasing- on the movie posters at the malls, and other film advertising. Poor boy. Other than that, I’d applaud the kid for a great, subtle performance.

Manood kayo ng Pagdadalaga. Magaan lang sya, di malalim, nakakatuwa, at di naman bading na bading. Meron pa ngang blog si Maxi o. Palabas sya sa mga SM.


If I had friends at all, I’d probably do some semblance of a post-movie chat, but alas, I don’t. The extra large Wendy’s Frosty had to take the role of an actual person, or the Dairy Queen strawberry shake I usually succumb to (Dairy Queen is non-existent anymore at SM North, Annex). I don’t usually go primal emo nowadays, but I’m a year older today. So there.

[Listening to: Actually It’s Darkness – Idlewild – 100 Broken Windows (2:39)]

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  1. happy birthday bro! sensya na walang gift, madadatnan mo pa naman siguro yung box na padala ko meron kang chocolates doon at t-shirts bahala ka na kung ilan gusto mong dalhin, yon eh, kung magkakasya sa iyo. hehehe. bye. ate.

  2. bertdey mo pala ha … mahigit 1ng taon din tayo magkasama pero di ko alam bertdey mo pala … mwehehehe!! maligayang araw bro! sayang nung 1 month akong walang ginagawa sana lumabas tayo, kaso busy ka papuntang china eh … hehehehe …

  3. pakshet rain, happy birthday mo pala!!! honga, naalala ko nga nung pre-live party naten sa bravo, d ka nanlibre.. bwehehehe
    dude.. bravocool get-together.. probably on the 10th or 11th.. not sure kelan exactly. sana makapunta din ako.. i’m not sure kung ano sked ko pagpasok ko sa monday… nawawala pa ako!!! hehehe
    pwede ka?
    sige na.. happy birthday mo naman eh!!! hihihih
    i havent watched “ang pagdadalaga…” but i’ve made a promise to a friend, nii, who was part of the production group of the movie… waaaah… d ko pa napapanood.

  4. sonny: Tenks ulit man. Well, medyo mahirap din maglayas nung panahon na yun, dahil nasimot ko na nga rin natitira kogn pera nun e.

    maya: Pakshet maya, talamats sa bati. re get-together, kung nandun yung side natin ng Bravo, sige, go, pero… 11 ng 6am ang sked ng flight ko e, pero pwedeng i-rebook naman daw yun, depende sa progress ng work visa, etc. namin dito. Panoorin mo, kinakatakot ko kasi sa mga ganito, baka ilang araw lang, di na paaplabasin sa malls dahil lugi sila. E mukhang ok naman yung turnout sa SM North nung pumunta ako.

    j/rsant: I don’t effing know what etfr means, but thanks for the greet man.

  5. ate: Salamat! Will do.

    lars: I still can’t believe you’d bother to remember, and actually greet me. Thanks!

    kuya rene: Salamat! Ingat kayo dyan!

  6. our side of bravo. si tito lester nagrequest. 🙂
    punta ka na! d ka naman sanay ng natutulog.. at baket ka pa babalik don? sus, kala ko for good ka na dito eh. :S

  7. Yay, the best side of the Bravo batch: our side 🙂 O basta, iupdate mo na lang ako dito o sa text re time, venue, etc.

    E syempre balik ako Shanghai! San ako kukuha pera pambayad luho ko no :p

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