Post-28: Nothing News

After December 1, the 28th time I encountered that date in my less-than-glorious life, nothing that significant or meaningful happened. Ex-officemates were too bummed out to do a spa-reunion of sorts, a certain techie group blog site I’m part of set a meetup -mainly because I’ll be going back to China soon- but I was late in checking the mailing list with the details, wasted time at a photography talk last Saturday that offered nothing new or interesting, etc., etc.

I’ve always had high hopes and expectations every first week of December. About time I’d finally change that.


So far, my previous days have been greatly occupied by a new toy I bought on a semi-whim, and -surprise, surprise- its not a camera. The official revelation will be done when I’m sitting on my lopsided office chair in Shanghai. Easy clues: its geeky enough for me to hack, and it motivated me to buy expansion cards for the PC so I can fully realize the potential of this thing.

Lastly, Maligayang Kaarawan sa aking Dad. I guess you haven’t been able to check this site often nowadays, but I hope you read this part. Looks like Ate and Kuya Rene have been regularly subscribing to my semi-daily tirades.

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